Financial Planner - Financial PlannersA historically low Bank of England base rate of 0.25% has driven the current cash rates available to most clients to amongst the lowest on record, hitting savers particularly hard. This has resulted in many clients potentially underexploiting cash as an asset class.

Churchill Wealth Management have partnered with a firm who provide specialist advice in professional cash management services in order to ensure that our clients receive the best returns possible from their cash holdings.

The service allows clients to simply and easily optimise a portfolio of cash holdings which is suitable for their preferences towards protection and liquidity.

With our partner firm we are able to ensure that clients receive a cost-efficient, convenient and effective service.

Cash holdings can form an important part of a client’s overall asset allocation diversification and therefore for many clients, exploring cash options can be very important. If you would like to speak with us in relation to cash management services please contact us at your convenience.


Cash Management Service

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