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A lack of proper estate planning can sometimes have a more detrimental effect on one’s estate than poor investment planning. This is why Churchill offer a full estate planning service to compliment the investment and pension service we provide.

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We take our client’s individual circumstances and objectives into account before working with them in order to develop a bespoke plan for their estate.

The estate plans we put in place with our clients are designed to be flexible and we always work with them over the long-term with a view to changing and redesigning their financial plans if their circumstances and objectives change.

Our company is built on the strength of our client relationships and we look to build long-term, ongoing relationships with all of our clients. We are an owner-managed firm and as such our clients can be confident that they will be working with the same financial advisor over the long-term. Often we service multiple generations of the same family and come to know our clients personally.

> The benefits of comprehensive estate and trust planning
Estate Planning Bristol - Beautiful Stone BuildingMost people associate estate and trust planning with tax. It is true that in many circumstances estate planning can reduce the tax an estate may pay, but what is perhaps more important to many, is that their children and grandchildren are protected from creditors or the social impact of divorce. This is known as bloodline protection.

If you are preparing to leave your estate to a child, then simply using a will to make those arrangements will place the assets directly into their estates. This means that should a child be affected by divorce or a creditor, no one else will have an entitlement to the assets you have left your children. This can be true of any estate no matter what the value.

A more traditional issue people face when passing on their estates is the impact of inheritance tax (IHT) which is charged at 40%. Although some additional help was given to homeowners with children in 2015, this does not necessarily take into consideration the impact for the next generation.

> Our Qualifications

IFA Bristol AdvisersAll our financial advisors are highly qualified and many hold Chartered Status. This means that they have shown a commitment to demonstrating the highest levels of professionalism and maintain a commitment to continuous professional development. In addition, our advisors hold a range of top professional and academic qualifications, including the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments Masters in Wealth Management Qualification and PhDs in Investment Management.

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