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Designed for those who wish to retain full control over their assets during their life, such as the family home, but want only their children and grandchildren to have access to those assets following the death of the parents. Also delivers inheritance tax protection for the children and all generations to follow. This is particularly relevant as it prevents the assets suffering 40% tax on the death of each successive generation.


Asset Preservation Trusts protect personal pension benefits or death in service benefits on death from IHT whilst maintaining access to benefits for beneficiaries. They also ensure pension benefits remain within the family bloodline and do not form part of potential divorce or separation agreements. Although there are some circumstances where this may not be necessary in terms of tax, most clients feel the protection it offers their children and grandchildren is of great comfort. Please speak to one of our advisors to find out whether an Asset Preservation Trust would be relevant to you.


Gifts to children made via a trust will give them access to funds without unnecessarily inflating their estate and leaving it vulnerable to IHT. In addition, using protective trust frameworks to make gifts to children protects family bloodlines from social impacts and third party claims, such as a divorcing spouse or creditor. These gifts are typically made during the life of the settlor, so it is important to remember it will only be inheritance tax efficient 7 years after the gift.


Property Protection Plans can help organise residential and residual property portfolios to minimise IHT and maximise protection for beneficiaries.


Bond Trusts allow investments to be removed from an estate if they are held within an investment bond. After seven years the capital may no longer be subject to Inheritance Tax and the settlor can continue receiving income from the bond through capital carve out. These trusts accept existing and new bonds.

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