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The investment strategy we design for your charity will be in line with the compliance guidelines issued by the Charity Commission in relation to the extent to which ethical considerations can be taken into account when investing charity funds:

  • Clarify why you are considering investing your charity’s funds ethically;
  • Develop a detailed ethical investment policy in written format;
  • Review your charity’s existing investments in order to identify potential conflicts with your charitable values and aims;
  •  Identify ethical investments which are in keeping with your charity’s aims and objectives;
  • Manage your charity’s funds through an ethically screened investment portfolio.

Our ethical portfolios offer trustees simple and effective investment vehicles with which to invest their charity’s capital in a manner which fits with their ethical criteria. Our flagship ethical portfolios are the “No Sin Stocks” range of ethical portfolios.

The “no sin stocks” portfolios are a range of risk-rated, multi asset investment portfolios which are constructed to provide a maximum return without investing in any companies which generate the majority of their income from the “sin sectors” (alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography and armaments).

We also offer bespoke portfolios and are happy to design and manage bespoke ethical portfolios for those charities which have specific ethical concerns not met by our model portfolios. We actively encourage trustee input in the design and management of these portfolios. We see having a thorough understanding of the issues which are of greatest concern to your charity as being of paramount importance and look to ensure that we work in partnership with you over the long-term.

We have also found that many employees of charities desire to invest ethically and many of our clients work for not-for profit organisations. We are therefore happy to speak to your employees about our services and provide company seminars if you desire.

For further information about Ethical Investing for Charities, please contact us on 0117 923 7652 or click here to use our enquiry form »