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We are committed to giving you the option to invest in a manner which suits you ethically and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide investment solutions which meet the needs of any investor.

You are able to hold your ethical investments in a variety of different tax efficient wrappers including ISAs, personal pensions, SIPPs and investment bonds.

Ethical Screening is the vetting of potential investments according to ethical criteria and is used as part of the ethical or socially responsible investment process.

Ethical Screening takes two main forms:

  • Negative/Dark Green whereby companies are excluded from investment where their activities are in conflict with investor’s ethical criteria.
  • Positive/Light Green whereby investment is focused on those companies whose activities have positive social or environmental impacts which the investor wishes to promote.

At Churchill Wealth Management we are experts in the use of both forms of ethical screening.

For example, we have a number of clients who choose not to invest in the sin sectors (alcohol, tobacco, pornography, gambling and armaments) and we use negative screening to enable avoiding investment into these sectors.
There are also those who chose to focus their investments in companies that have a positive impact on the environment such as producing alternative forms of energy.

Our Chief Investment Officer is an expert in the field of Socially Responsible Investing and Ethical Investing and has a PhD in this area and a Certificate in Green and Ethical Investment from the UK Social Investment Forum.

  • We offer fully bespoke ethical portfolios.
  • We use premium research software in our ethical screening.
  • We offer negative, positive and restrictive screening.
  • Importantly, all ethical screening is used in conjunction with traditional investment analysis in order to ensure that the investments chosen meet strict financial criteria as well as the investor’s ethical criteria.

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