Will my adviser be qualified?

All of our advisors are Chartered Wealth Managers and Chartered Members of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments. In addition, all of our advisors are Pension Transfer Specialists and as such they have passed highly technical, specialist pension exams.

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Are Churchill Wealth Management independent?

Churchill Wealth Management remains fully independent and as such, you can be sure that, unlike many restricted firms, we will be able to recommend the best product for your requirements.

Will I have to deal with different advisers?

No. At Churchill, you will be given one adviser who will look after your affairs to avoid you having to explain your circumstances every time you make contact. The advisers are the business owners and as such you can be sure your adviser will remain in place for years to come rather than being regularly allocated new advisers.

I have a sum of money to invest and would like it to generate an income. Is that possible?

Yes. We are able to invest funds for clients with the sole reason of creating an income. This income can be increased or decreased according to client requirements. We will give guidance on sensible limits and provide ongoing management of the portfolio to ensure it remains in line with how you feel about risk.

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If I invest my funds, how quickly can I access them?

Any investments we make for clients at Churchill Wealth Management will be done so in liquid funds. As such, in the majority of cases, clients are able to access their funds in the short term. There are certain products such as pensions and investments bonds that have restrictions on withdrawals but in these cases, this will be made clear to the client before investing.

I have several pensions. Do I have to leave them as separate plans?

No. They can be consolidated into a more modern scheme or left where they are. Usually, clients with multiple plans find that some come with guarantees and some without. We will write to the pension provider on your behalf and find out all the required information before we make any suggestions.

I am self-employed and do not know how much to contribute until the end of the year. Can you help?

Yes. A great many self-employed workers make lump sum contributions towards the end of the tax year. We can also set up regular contributions and make an additional contribution if required.

I have a final salary pension and would like to transfer out. What advice should I take?

Great care needs to be taken when considering transferring final salary or defined benefit schemes as they are accompanied by guaranteed benefits. Only advisers with pension transfer specialist exams such as the AF3 are allowed to advise in this area. At Churchill, all our advisers carry the requisite qualifications and where appropriate, we can help transfer these plans.

I have no pension and am approaching retirement. Is it too late?

It most circumstances it is worth contributing to a pension. Clearly, those making this decision earlier on in life stand a greater chance of a comfortable retirement but it is always worth considering a pension should you not have one in place.

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Do I have to pay for an initial consultation?

No. At Churchill Wealth Management we believe a prospective client should be able to meet their adviser to ensure they are confident in them before making any commitment. It also gives the client the opportunity to ask questions relating to products such as pensions and investments without obligation.


How are the fees payable?

Fees can be paid either by cheque or via the product of the client’s choice. If the fee is paid via the product, we can only do so with the permission of the client and this cannot be changed without the client’s awareness.


I am confused by who I pay and how much it is.

We will be absolutely clear about how much you will pay before you are asked to pay it. This will include not only our fees but any fees the product provider may have. This will be presented in percentage and real terms.