Today’s global financial markets have become increasingly interconnected. Share prices, commodities, exchange rates and interest rates can dramatically fluctuate on the smallest announcements and news. At Churchill Wealth Management, we are proud to be able to offer our clients a discretionary investment management (DIM) service, giving you peace of mind that we are watching over your investments and making necessary adjustments throughout the year.

> What is Discretionary Investment Management?

Discretionary Investment Managers are professional investment managers who make decisions about and changes to your investments on your behalf. Any changes made will always be in line with your risk tolerance, aims and objectives, but crucially the manager does not need to contact you every time they adjust your investment portfolio, saving time in potentially volatile market conditions. Effectively you give the manager discretion to make investment choices on your behalf.

Churchill Wealth Management’s DIM Service

Our investment committee consists of our own highly qualified Chartered Wealth Managers, PhDs, advisors, and also external specialists, all with a wealth of experience. The committee has regular meetings throughout the year in which investment choices and asset allocations are subject to a root and branch appraisal, reviewed in their entirety alongside market conditions. The committee will make recommendations and subsequently clients’ investments are rebalanced into new portfolios. Outside of these structured meetings, we can make ad hoc changes to clients’ investments to maximise opportunities in the markets.

Unlike many other DIM services, as a Churchill DIM client you can sit down with one of the individuals responsible for making investment decisions on a one-to-one basis, and they can explain investment strategies and changes directly to you as part of your advisory relationship. We do not provide our DIM services to other firms, ensuring the only focus of our attention is our own clients.

Our DIM service fee is also highly competitive, so it’s easy to understand why the substantial majority of our clients opt for a DIM service.

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