The Investment Association has just published its monthly sales statistics for June 2016, the month that incorporated Brexit – and they do not make pretty reading (Financial Planner).

It shows that a lot of people panicked after the result was announced and sold or switched investments. Which in hindsight, might not have been the best thing to do.

Unless you got out of property funds of course, because they suffered unit price cuts and restricted access. (This could just be a temporary situation, but let me know if you need to discuss a property fund holding.) But for fund managers, there was a £3.5 billion net outflow in the month from retail collective investment funds, such as unit trusts and OEICS (Financial Planner).

This month’s highlights – or is that lowlights? – include:

• Total funds under management actually rose across the month of June, because of the fall of Sterling (meaning foreign funds are worth more) and the bounce in FTSE 100 stocks after the vote.
• The most popular sector in terms of net retail sales was ‘Global Bonds’ followed by ‘Targeted Absolute Return’. Predictably, property funds were the least popular sector (Financial Planner).
• The only equity funds to see a net inflow were in the Japanese Smaller Companies and US Smaller Companies sectors.
• The net retail outflow from the property sector was £1.4 billion. That shows why the gates were slammed shut. However, some funds are now reporting inflows because common sense has begun to prevail (Financial Planner).
• The total value of tracker funds jumped by 13%, meaning that they now account for 12.0% of the total. These funds are designed to simply track the performance of a stock market index, such as FTSE 100, – in May the corresponding figure was 10.8%.

(Canada Life, Summer 2016)

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