Final Salary Transfer page - Active seniors walkingOur financial advisors are pension transfer specialists. This means that they have specialist pension qualifications and are able to provide advice pertaining to complicated pension plans that have guarantees attached such as final salary pension plans.

If it is in the client’s best interests this also means that our financial advisors are able to provide advice relating to the transfer of the financial salary pension.

> Pension transfer specialist

The specific pension transfer specialist qualifications our advisors hold include the Chartered Insurance Institute’s AF3 qualification and the London Institute of Banking and Finance’s Award in Pension Transfers.

> Holistic Pension and Retirement PLanning advice

Pension advice - couple talking to pension transfer specialistWe provide complete holistic financial planning services including pension and retirement planning advice. We work with clients to design holistic financial plans around their aims and objectives. Pension planning is a key component of most holistic financial plans because for most people their pensions are one of the biggest financial investments they will make in their lifetime. We help our clients make the most of the pension planning opportunities that exist with a view to maximising the benefit of their savings when they come to retire and take capital from their plans.

> At Retirement

When clients come to take benefits from their pensions there are a large number of options. We work with our clients in order to ensure that they understand what their options are and make the best decision based on what they want to achieve. Options include purchasing an annuity and/or utilising flexible access income drawdown. There are many considerations as to which options are most suitable for clients and we have helped many clients with their at-retirement pension decisions.

> Personal Service

Our company is built on the strength of the relationships we build with our clients and we aim to build long-term sustainable relationships. This can be particularly important in relation to pension planning because pension plans often need to be designed and managed over time as the client’s circumstances change and the options available in the pension market changes. As an owner-operated firm, our clients can be confident that they will have a long-term relationship with their pension advisor.


Pension Transfer Specialist Bristol

We do not charge for initial meetings and we are happy to meet clients at their homes throughout the UK or at our office in Clifton, Bristol. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer please do not hesitate to contact us.