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I would highly recommend Churchill Wealth Management. They have designed a long-term financial plan for me which includes building up my personal pension and using my ISA allowances every year. So far I’m sticking to it and I’m actually quite enjoying watching the value of my savings increase, I am missing out on some shopping though! I can see me having a long and fruitful relationship with Churchill and I have already recommended their services to friends.

Testimonial 1
Jane, Bristol

I had a few small pension pots outside of my main company pension scheme and wanted to use them to buy an annuity. Churchill have been very helpful throughout the whole process, they shopped around and got me a very good deal. I like the fact that when I ring Churchill I speak to real people who know who I am. I also like the fact that Antony meets with me at my home because I’m not as mobile as I used to be. Overall I’m really pleased with the service I have received.

Testimonial 2
Sebastian, Gloucestershire

I needed to set up a pension and invest some money I had been saving and spoke to the team at Churchill. Antony and his colleague Matt were both very helpful and knowledgeable. Both have done well and the company is very diligent in terms of keeping me up to date and giving me an annual review. Excellent service all round.

Testimonial 3
George, Devon

Churchill Wealth Management set up my pension for me a few years ago. I was very confused about the process as I didn't really know anything about finance, and a bit nervous. Antony and Matt explained what they were doing in simple, easy to understand terms and were very patient. The pension has done very well since it was set up and someone at Churchill is always available to speak to when I call in.

Testimonial 4
Jack, Bristol

I was recommended Churchill Wealth Management by a friend so I felt comfortable dealing with them from the start. They now look after all my pensions and I’m very happy with the service I receive.

Testimonial 5
Matt, Bristol

I recently inherited some money and wasn’t too sure what to do with it. I met with Antony and Matt and they put together a long-term financial plan for me. I’ve now invested through an ISA and a general investment account and I am saving regularly through a SIPP. I feel like my hand has been held throughout the whole process which I needed as I’ve never really dealt with savings or investments before. They're really nice guys to deal with.

Testimonial 6
Sarah, Bristol

I've dealt with Antony and Matthew for a number of years now and I have to say the service has been brilliant. They manage all my family’s money and we highly recommend them. Our investments and pensions have done very well and whenever I have any questions they always go out of their way to help!

Testimonial 7
Kate, Bristol

I'm not getting any younger and in the past few years I’ve starting thinking a fair amount about the best, and most efficient way to pass my money on to my children. I had been putting it off until a friend of mine recommended Churchill Wealth Management. The service and advice I got was first class. Antony ran through all of my options, a number of which I had never even heard of. What I like most about the service I received was the honest and straight forward manner in which the advice was given. Antony made sure any costs or fees involved were made completely transparent to me and the service was completely free until I decided to implement the plan Antony put together for me, and I think what I was charged was very reasonable considering the level of advice I received.

Testimonial 8
Rosie, Bristol